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Notes to World of Warcraft's Journal
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Monday, July 2nd, 2007
1:58 pm
Dear World of Warcraft,

I broke up with Syndrael of Silverhand, at least in part because the messy and painful situation I have found myself in both happiness-wise and financially came about thanks to her months of playing you exhaustively as she ground her little rogue against everything she could in her efforts to reach Level 70.

She broke up with you, because she has grown bored of you and she feels she will enjoy EverQuest II more than she will you.

Perhaps you should learn a lesson from this, World of Warcraft... nobody appreciates a tease, they just grow bored by one.
Thursday, June 7th, 2007
11:01 am
Dear World of Warcraft...

Sindrael of Silverhand is now level 70.

If only this meant that anything changed... but there is always another character, always another level, always more PvP or more items or more questing to help out friends. In time, there will even be more expansions and thus more levels, so even the apparent "end goal" of Levelus Maximus is just a temporary stop-gap until they offer more levels to reach.

This is the game that never ends, it just goes on and on my friends...
Tuesday, April 24th, 2007
4:59 pm
Perhaps a silver lining after all...
She said today that she is starting to grow bored with you.

After what, nearly two months now... of twelve-hour days and all-weekend-long raid-fests... she's starting to realize that it's same shit, different level, and that you are not satisfying the things within her that led her to your colorful distractions in the first place. Sure, it only took two months and... let's see... carry the one, divide by seven... 480 hours of during-the-week play plus 256 hours of weekend play, just as a rough guesstimate of her usage hours... what, 700+ hours of obsessively searching for the next stupid item or being SO CLOSE to the NEXT LEVEL that she can TASTE IT!

She came to bed this morning and said she was growing tired of you, and cuddled up next to me so I could hold her. Of course, I got up an hour later to go to work, and she's likely still asleep... because I am on New York Has-To-Go-To-His-Corporate-Whore-Job Time, and she is apparently somewhere in the Bangladesh-Outer Mongolia time zone. But it's more than I've gotten in a month, so maybe it's just the first of many nights in which I may actually get to see my fiancee, instead of yell at her at three in the morning about how inconsiderate it is to be talking and laughing loudly on Ventrilo (see, I even know the damn thing's name now... that's how much I hate it!), keeping me up when I can't sleep for the noise and the light coming in from the other room.

Soon, I shall have my triumph over you. Soon, and for the rest of your life. Sindrael of Silverhand seems to have remembered that she was a person once, and that being one was kind of nice.
Tuesday, March 20th, 2007
3:23 pm
Patch Days
Dear wow,

It's Tuesday Afternoon, and as i sit waiting for you to come back from your maintence I look back on the wonderful times we share. I'm so very very close to getting that damned gay looking chcken mount. But I find myself asking. Whre do you go on tuesdays that you cannot be with me? Have I done some thing so wrong that I must wait hours for you in the frevorient hope that you return wil not take forever ? Snd then when you do come you make me pay lip service to you by downlading your newezt patch and double checking that all my add ons work? Why my love, Why must you torchure me so? Or am I the fool for I come back week after week to feel the pain of you server?

Sindrael of Silverhand
4:28 am
Dear WoW;
I suck at you. My boyfriend is great at you. I also wish my boyfriend hadn`t reiterated to me 37384 times that I suck at you. I wish I were better. Despite these facts, I`m addicted to you. Also, your servers are down. This makes me sad. ;.;
Wednesday, March 14th, 2007
7:12 am
Dear WoW.
I really want my mount.
Only 2 levels and 30g to go.
Why do you make me pay so much gold for it?
And why can't trolls ride nice looking horses?
I love horses, yet I have to ride a stupid raptor.
Breaks my heart.
I take pride in my Horde-ness...But sometimes I wish I would've rolled Alliance...For the horse, that's it.
Don't tell the others, though.
That is all.
Monday, March 12th, 2007
1:19 pm
Dear World of Warcraft
Dear World of Warcraft,

Twenty-nine hours in a weekend is a lot. In that same span of forty-eight hours, she slept a sum total of eleven hours... less than half as many hours as she spent playing you, because she stayed up till 7:30 on Sunday just... playing... you. A more jealous partner than I would look at the times you two spend entwined, thrusting against each other again and again, and generously apply bullets to brains (theirs, or yours, maybe both depending). Your weak excuse of "but because of the Daylight's Savings switch-over she actually only played me for twenty-eight hours" is pitiful, and worse yet does a disservice to this woman if you love her anywhere near as much as she seems to love you.

That she cries out, loudly, every time you two thrust ("I can't believe the fucker SHEEPED me!")... it is nearly too much to bear, but I do. That she and you dance thusly until she collapses from exhaustion, too weak to do anything else, only to get up all too soon and do it again for hour after endless hour... it's irresponsible, but you are every bit as much to blame as she is. Right now she's spent another day home from work, sick and eroding her apparent work ethic along with her next paycheck, coughing up lungsful of thick, gooey death because of your exhausting 'tango'... to make sure she slept enough to maybe, maybe recover from this plague you have put upon both of our houses, I had to tell her I was taking her Internet card into work with me to keep her from you.

You cannot, however, teach someone to be responsible at the point of a gun, and persuasion ceases once the other party no longer has any option to choose to do otherwise. Now that she has slept in, and hopefully begun to recuperate, I've told her where in the apartment I hid it so that she could allow herself to sleep rather than come see you for yet another grueling bout of... whatever it is you two are doing. And you will be on a curfew tonight if you ever want to see her again.

Yours truly,
The name signed on the credit card that pays for you each month.
Friday, March 9th, 2007
1:42 pm
Tich is not for you
Dear WoW,

I miss you. I miss the long Saturday afternoons we used to spend together. I miss the 5-hour raids, I miss one-shotting every boss yet wiping repeatedly on trash. I miss taking guild screen caps with newly-downed bosses (you hear me, Twin Emps?) and rocking out to bad 80's music on vent.

It was all so perfect. Why did you change? *I* didn't want an expansion. *I* was happy with the way things were. But no, you wanted to spice up both our lives. Someday, when my qualifying exam is over, maybe I will reach level 70 and things can go back to normal. Until then, I remain...

level 66
1:07 pm
Dear WoW,

I don't know you. I don't speak your language or know your quirky little injokes. Please have your Faithful STOP TELLING ME ABOUT YOU. Seriously, I mean it. I don't want to know what so-and-so's Blood Elf did or what level they are. They invade ever aspect of online rping now -- and worse -- they're Out There. In the Real Life -- TALKING -- always talking about you. Proselytizing. Please make them stop.

Thursday, March 8th, 2007
5:22 pm
Dear World of Warcraft
Dear World of Warcraft,

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Sean, and you do not know me, but you do know someone I care about. You know her by a variety of names, usually on the Silverhand server; the little Level 18 Rogue who just picked up her Thunderhead Hippogrif loot last night, that's her. I know, she's growing up so fast, it's as if only yesterday she was just a level eight... perhaps because yes, that was only yesterday. I do not play you, so we've never spoken before, but I wanted you to know one thing: this is my fiancee, and I was here first. We just moved in together again this past January, just me, her and the two cats. Then she went to Pittsburgh to reclaim a few things from her ex, including her dog and her computer, but still... things were still okay, even if I'm now the one taking care of this dog I don't even like.

But you... you go too far. She begged and begged for me to get her a wireless card so she could use her computer on the Internet finally, and that sounded ultimately fair rather than have her borrowing my laptop all night long to check out wedding planning stuff and her emails. Little did I know that you had your claws in her even then, and everything she said was just to get back together with you. She said she was sick yesterday, and begged to stay home with her and take care of her; after three extra hours of sleep, however, she seemed to be rather effectively cured, and spent the next twelve hours with you. Apparently "sick" meant "I'm only a level eight, I need to get bigger so bad things can't squish me anymore!".

I own a hammer, and a back yard into which you could disappear with no questions asked. If I do not get my fiancee back within one month's time, just remember it is I who will have destroyed you, not some Level 70 fighter with Epic bling out the hoo-ha. Just a man with a hammer who loves his fiancee and knows that you see her more than I do, even though she sleeps beside me every night.

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